The Great Decluttering Challenge
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The Great Decluttering Challenge
Transform your home in just 3 days! Our expert guidance will help you take MASSIVE action and tackle even the most daunting room in your house, leaving you with the tools and confidence to continue decluttering the rest of your home.
The Great Decluttering Challenge Starts On March 21, 2023
 This is a 100% virtual online event. And you're invited, for FREE. But you have to RSVP to attend... 
Here's what you'll get for free during the Great Decluttering Challenge
Online Training
Transform your space and lifestyle with our 3-day virtual online decluttering and organizing training, designed to help you develop new, long-lasting habits.
Live Q&A
Got questions? Join our daily LIVE Q&A calls! Ask away and get real-time answers with personalized guidance and support.
Real Support
Access to our Private Facebook Group to connect with like-minded individuals, showcase progress, find a buddy, and get real-time answers to your questions.
Our daily checklists are designed to help you prepare and tackle each day's tasks quickly and efficiently, so you'll be on your way to a clutter-free life in no time!
Proudly trusted by companies around the globe
Ready to make MASSIVE progress in just 3 days?
Unlike other challenges focusing on baby steps, The Great Decluttering Challenge is about helping you achieve BIG results, so you can see significant changes FAST.

Join us and see for yourself!
Here's What You'll Accomplish
By the end, you'll have successfully decluttered the most difficult space in your home. AND You'll have the skills and motivation to tackle the rest of your house with ease.
Day 1
Pick Your Starting Point
Discover where to start, even if your entire house needs work. Find out which room to tackle first (hint: it may surprise you), see why ignoring the "easy wins" can be helpful, and learn the simple process for deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, setting you up for success from day one.
Day 2
Tackling Valuable Items
Discover the cost of your clutter and learn when to keep or let go of items you've paid good money for! We will show you a super simple system for deciding when to trash, donate, or sell items and provide you with the tools to do it quickly.
Day 3
Sorting Sentimentals
Don't allow the all-or-nothing mindset to hold you back. We'll show you how to preserve your precious memories while letting go of physical items. Our easy tips and tricks will help you make progress even when dealing with big emotions or seemingly overwhelming tasks.
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Here are the skills you'll acquire to transform your life over these 3 days.
Clear Direction
Decide which areas to tackle next, how to set targets, and stay focused on your decluttering goals.
Learn to Let Go
Say goodbye to what no longer serves you and create space for what truly matters.
Overcome Obstacles
Get the tools to overcome procrastination and stay on task (even if you struggle with ADHD or other distractions).
Embrace Change
Learn how to work through the emotions and make informed decisions about what to keep and what to let go of.
Build Momentum
Celebrate your success as you work and gain momentum you need to keep going to achieve your ultimate decluttering goal.
Find Inner Peace
Build new, healthy habits to help you create a clutter-free environment that reduces stress and anxiety and brings a sense of calm to your life.
This isn't just about clearing out clutter.
It's about seeing your things with fresh eyes so that you see a new path forward. And you leave this challenge a whole new person. Even better... it's free!
All you have to do is join us...
Sarah Mueller
 I’m a Wharton business school grad and single mom to 4 boys turned decluttering expert.

My home used to be packed with stuff until I realized what it was doing to me and my family emotionally and financially.

Through a lot of trial and error, I learned how to declutter.

Since I started on this journey almost a decade ago, I’ve taught hundreds of thousands of people to declutter and organize their homes so they can live the lives they are dreaming about.

I want to help you do the same.

And the best way I know how to get you started is by giving you access to The Great Decluttering Challenge for FREE!

For years, we've sold our challenges for at least $49, but when you join now, you'll get it absolutely free!
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Is The 3 Day Great Decluttering Challenge Right for You?
The Challenge is for you if you're...
Stressed About Clutter
Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Are you unsure of where to start or how to make progress? The challenge is here to help you take control of your space and reduce anxiety.
Lacking Support
You don't have people you can share your struggles with. The challenge offers a supportive community of people going through the same process and offer encouragement along the way.
No Judgment
The challenge provides simple, practical tips to help you progress significantly in just a few days. There's no need to feel ashamed or judged as you work through your clutter.
Ready to Reclaim Your Space, Simplify Your Life, and Say Goodbye to Clutter Once and for All?!
Yes! Join The Challenge NOW!
Frequently Asked Questions
 How does the challenge work? 
The challenge takes place on March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.  Each day you’ll receive a brief email in the morning with your video lesson and assignment.  Then you’ll be able to attend the live Q&A session later the same day.  The Q&A sessions will take place on Facebook and YouTube. 
 Do I have to show up live? 
The Q&A sessions will be recorded.  However, to make sure you don’t fall behind; those recordings will only be available for 24 hours.
 How much time does it take? 
That depends on what you want to accomplish.  You can spend as little as a few minutes each day… or as much as a few hours.  Whatever it takes to clean up the room you choose.  No matter what you decide, you will find the process transformational.
 Will this actually help me declutter? 
Yes!  Sarah has literally helped hundreds of thousands of women declutter.  Even women who were skeptical… or thought they might be hoarders… or who had ADHD.  The decluttering principles you will learn can help anyone.